Welcome to The Ryan Estate Condominium

Welcome to the Ryan Estate's website. Since 1993, the Ryan Estate has offered great housing "solutions" to adults who want the benefits of condominium living and a Lincoln address, too. Here you can enjoy our unique location, friendly neighbors, beautiful grounds, and a condominium apartment that's both affordable to buy and economical to maintain.

Offering both location, location, location and a great value, here are four of our most popular reasons to live at the Ryan Estate:

  • The Ryan Estate Condominium is the perfect home for over-55 commuting professionals who cherish the beauty and serenity of rural Lincoln. The Codman Community Farm, a working farm, and Codman Community Gardens  are less than a 5-minute walk down the road, plus Lincoln offers over 70 miles of trails through its 1,800 acres of agricultural and forest lands. All that, and you can walk to the Commuter Rail and take the train to Boston in just 30 minutes!
  • Some of our residents lived in Lincoln for many years, wanted to downsize, but remain in town. At the Ryan Estate, these folks now enjoy the benefits of top notch building management, as well as the convenience of living just across the street from shopping, banks, the post office, and three casual eateries.
  • The Ryan Estate is also Lincoln's ideal address for individuals or couples who want to live independently and be close to children or grandchildren. A 15-minute after-school walk can bring the kids to see grandma or grandpa for a visit, while adult sons or daughters are likely to pass by at least once a day on the way to the train or to run errands.
  • Trying to decide whether to retire in the Sunbelt or to endure bitter Boston winters to stay near family and friends? Not a problem when you choose the Ryan Estate! We're affordable, so you can maintain two homes.

  Lincoln, MA: the nationally-known town that was "green" before green was "in"!